Credentials & Memberships


Professional designations and industry involvement on the local, state and national levels communicates to our homeowners that we are committed to excellence and proficient in the latest building skills, technology and techniques, and that our business practices and company are built upon a solid foundation.

Graduate Master Builder (GMB) – the ultimate symbol of the building professional, the coveted GMB designation is earned from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

NAHB Builder 20 Club (20 Club) – an elite group of builders from across the country that meet twice a year in an educational session. During these sessions these builders work on improving their companies and how they are of service to their clients.(NAHB).

Certified Green Professional (CGP) – the prestigious Certified Green Professional™ designation from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) recognizes builders, remodelers and other industry professionals who incorporate green building principles into their homes.

Certified Master Builder (CMB) – as a building and remodeling company which has achieved this certification, it means that Garabedian Properties holds itself to standards of qualifications that exceed what is required by the state of Texas.

Texas Star Builder – as the first Tarrant County builder to receive a Texas Star Builder designation from the Texas Residential Construction Commission, Garabedian Properties continues to receive independent third-party and professional confirmation of our dedication and professionalism.  The TRCC is no longer an active agency in Texas.


Garabedian Properties is actively involved as a member, and its President, Mike Garabedian, has held leadership positions in numerous professional, civic, chamber and non-profit organizations that share the company’s dedication to education, training, industry advancements and community good works.

Certified Master Builder Corporation – Garabedian Properties takes pride of being a member of the Certified Master Builder Corporation for over 15 years. As a building and remodeling company member, which has achieved this certification, it means that Garabedian Properties holds itself to standards of qualifications that exceed what is required by the state of Texas. Michael is the current President of CMBC.

Builder 20 Program – Garabedian Properties takes pride in being a member of an elite networking and education program created by the National Association of Builders. The program brings together non-competing builders from different parts of the country that own or operate similar-size building companies to share ideas, concepts, new trends and technology, and discuss issues that affect the home building industry.

Greater Fort Worth Builders Association – Michael has been a member of GFWBA his entire career.  As a long-time member and Michael has serves on the board of directors which interacts with legislative bodies to foster a positive building climate; provides a forum to implement policies that affect the building industry; and promotes professionalism among members.

Texas Association of Builders (TAB) – Michael has been a member of TAB his entire career.  The Texas Association of Builders was founded in 1946 and has over 10,000 members across the state.  They are dedicated to creating a positive business environment for the housing industry.  They do this by promoting affordable housing and addressing housing issues for the citizens of Texas.  Michael has actively worked with representatives both in North Texas and Austin to help keeping housing affordable.

National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) – Michael has been a member of NAHB his entire career.  The NAHB serves all aspects of the home building industry including construction, development and the remodeling/renovation industry.  The NAHB works on both a local and national level to nurture a healthy affordable housing policies.  Michael is very active in the education portion of the association through its Builder 20 Club program and the International Builders Show.

Custom Builder USA – Michael was a founding member of both the Dallas and Fort Worth Chapters of CBUSA, a membership organization composed of top-tier custom builders from across the country. Representing the collective talents and resources of over 200 members, CBUSA is the 10th largest builder in the country. By leveraging their combined purchasing power, builder members have access to national purchasing agreements and can secure the best pricing from the best vendors in their respective markets.