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Home Care List

This is a suggested list of home care items we recommend homeowners attend to in caring for their homes. We have broken down by common periods of servicing.

This is a general list of suggestions which may not cover all items in your specific home. This list may refer to items not in your home.  We always recommend you refer to the original owner’s manual and/or trained professional servicer if you are not certain on how to care for a particular item/product.

We do offer a monthly service program which can attend to many of these items as well as other periodically required services (pool, landscape, etc..).  Please contact our office for details on our Home Care Service Packages.


* Clean out traps under sinks
* Inspect under sinks for signs of water leaks
* Inspect toilets for leaking valves
* Apply/pour lemon juice in your disposal to help control odors
* Clean out filters and catch basins at water features
* Clean out debris from pump intakes at ponds/water features


* Inspect/service septic tank (make sure service agreement is current)
* Clean/vacuum under and behind appliances
* Clean/vacuum lent from TVs, Audio/Video Components and Computers
* Apply pest service inside and outside
* Clean/remove lent from dyer hose and exterior flapper vent cover
* Apply ant poison at your outdoor plugs, lights, pumps and pool filters
* Adjust seasonal water sprinkler times
* Apply liquid plumber in vanity, shower and tub drains as per container instructions
* Clean out the lent your dryer vent and hose
* Inspect and adjust your weather-stripping

Every Six Months

* Inspect/tune up the air conditioner/heater
* Check to insure your HVAC annual maintenance agreement is current
* Check/replace filters on your HVAC system
* Check/replace filters on your HEPA units
* Clean electrostatic filters
* Clean grease from ventilation units at cooktops
* Clean any loose debris sitting in the drain pain under your air handler
* Apply/pour bleach into HVAC primary condensation drain lines
* Inspect exterior windows and doors and caulk/seal as needed
* Inspect masonry for cracks or voids and repair as needed
* Inspect and charge as necessary all fire extinguishers
* Inspect and service and clean HEPA air cleaners and electronic air cleaners
* Inspect and replace air filters as necessary at your HVAC units
* Inspect batteries and access codes to electronic locks/safes
* Change pool filter operation times to (summer – days) or (winter – nights)
* Clean off sensors at garage door openers
* Test smoke & CO2 detectors and replace batteries in smoke & CO2 detectors
* Test your smoke detectors using the test button and replace batteries as necessary
* Inspect batteries at drive gate & generators (check fluid level)
* Change out flowers to seasonal color (April/October)


* Install freeze protection on hose bibs, garage/outdoor sinks fire and water features
* Install/wrap towels around outdoor faucets.
* Turn off water and drain outdoor refrigerators, ice makers and dishwashers
* Install freeze protection at water wells/well houses
* Clean your windows, exterior doors and screens and tracks/weep holes
* Service backup generators
* Clean out gutters
* Flush out fire sprinkler systems
* Inspect/test fire sprinkler system back flow
* Inspect lawn irrigation system checked for leaks or misadjusted heads
* Install pre-emergent and/or post-emergent on your lawn.
* Flush out your tank and tank less water heaters
* Inspect attic insulation
* Locate and uncover your sewer clean outs and water shut off valves
* Locate the fire sprinkler shut off to your home
* Inspect insulation at water and fire sprinkler lines in attic
* Turn water off at outdoor water features (freeze protection)
* Inspect/tune up roof
* Inspect and clear clogs at underground drainage systems

As Necessary
* Replace as necessary refrigerator, dishwasher and ice maker filters
* Replace the light bulb in the garage door opener with heavy duty bulb
* Clean/flush pool filter
* Paint your stucco every five years
* Check exterior lights for burned out light bulbs