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Mike Cindy 1992

Mike Garabedian, President and CEO, Celebrates 30-Years of Home Building in DFW 

The saying ‘Time Flies When You’re Having Fun’ has had a whole new meaning for the Garabedian crew the last couple of months. 

We have been so busy and hyper focused on finalizing homes for our owners, that we almost forgot to celebrate the President and CEO, Mike Garabedian on 30-years as a home builder! His very first homes he built from scratch were in Arlington and Colleyville as time progressed the geographic footprint expanded. The landscape of home construction is ever evolving, and Mike makes it a priority to stay on top of trends and technologies, so every family’s needs are met – all while raising, and nurturing, his own family.

Our team at Garabedian Properties cares deeply for the families we serve because we are a family. That is what sets us apart. It has been a pleasure and privilege to serve DFW families looking to build their perfect home. 

Enjoy this throwback of Mike and his wife Cindy back when it all began. Yes, we know Mike’s purse does not match his shoes.



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