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June Update

June 2023 Update

Summer is here, it’s time to mulch the beds, mow the lawn and pay those crazy high Texas water bills.  Summer is also the time folks start wondering about where they will be living next summer. With new custom homes taking up to a year to design and another year or more to build, it …

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How To Turn Off Your Water

https://youtu.be/VbAZQWEIrw8 During major winter weather events our homes in Texas can come under great stress. When the temperature falls into the low 20s and below older homes can have water pipes freeze up. When the temperature falls below 20 for extended periods all homes are at risk. When pipes freeze...

Top things homeowners forget when prepping their home for winter

BPT) - In the winter, keeping the cold out and the heat in is everything. For many busy homeowners, it can be easy to overlook a few simple preventive maintenance tasks before cold weather sets in. Doing so can reduce the risk of home damage and help maximize energy efficiency....

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