Building is a passion for the team at Garabedian Properties and a testament to their commitment to their owners and their craft.

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2023 Maui Old Lahani Luau 72.23.

August 2023 Update

Summer is just about over and boy did we earn our stripes this year.  It was just two years or so ago we had a summer that never got above 100.  Now we are in an extended hot spell with no rain.  Thank you Lord for air conditioning.   We are hearing from many of …

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January 2023 Update

Happy New Year!  What better way to start a new year than by welcoming another family to Keller.  We are out of finished homes but are working to get more built in Argyle, Roanoke and Southlake.  We are adding more homes for lease to our program to accommodate families not...

Why Home Maintenance is Important

Home Maintenance is something that many homeowners put on the back burner until an issue arises. Homes are much like cars, there are certain things that need to be maintained on a regular basis to keep up your home's structure and functionality.  Here are just a few things that often...

How to Keep Your Home Organized 

Some say it's hard to feel organized in life when your house is unorganized. Princeton University found that when you have too much physical clutter in your surroundings, the ability to focus and process information could be diminished. Is that something that affects you? If so, today is a good...




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