Building is a passion for the team at Garabedian Properties and a testament to their commitment to their owners and their craft.

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Icicles coming from frozen hose bib

After The Freeze

As temperatures rise in the coming days, many will breathe a sigh of relief and think the worst is over, but unfortunately there is more to be done. As we thaw out, the hidden damage will become much more evident. Vigilance is as important as ever in the coming days.  Here is a summary of …

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How to Find Your Perfect Builder: Worksite Cleanliness

Building a home is can be one of the most exciting, monumental moments in our lives, and when choosing a builder there are a number of things to consider. Price, reputation, home style, and location are some of the first things that often come to mind—and although these considerations are...

Cocktail railing and more: 5 trends for your deck – 5 fresh ways to frame your outdoor space

(BPT) - When determining the look of your outdoor living space, decking is only half of the equation. In many cases, it’s the deck railings that are most visible and the design element that makes the first impression. “Railings serve a necessary safety function, but they also play an important...

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