Building is a passion for the team at Garabedian Properties and a testament to their commitment to their owners and their craft.

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How Long Does It Take to Build a Custom Home

When we start the home building process for our owners, we take the time to meet them in their current home to get to know them on a personal level. This allows us to understand their personal style and to take a look at their current home to see what they like and don’t like …

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Tasks You May Have Never Thought About To Prepare Your Home For Sale

We all come to that time when we have to get our home ready to sell.  Realtors will have their list of tasks they will want you to undertake in preparation to sell.  Often they will concentrate on updates and fresh paint, which are always good ideas.  However there are many more...

Things You Should Be Doing But Don’t

Owning a home is a lot of work.  There is quite a bit that goes into maintaining a home property. We all know the filters on the air conditioners need to be replaced. Ok maybe not all us, you know who you are. In addition we know the pool skimmer needs...

Where Are We Now?

As a follow up to our last column on What Covid Means To The Home Building Industry, we are going to summarize where we are now. Lot AvailabilityLot inventory is still low in most of the communities we build in with very few developments in the pipeline.  If you go further out you may find large master planned communities...




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